Writing to Touch Heart

Seeing someone you really, really like? Go with simple words. When it comes to love stick with simple words. When it comes to touching deep to the heart, stick with simple words. The simpler your words the powerful. When you meet someone online, say, a nurse for the first time that you are dying for, use words nurse will relate to. Here’s an example to write:
YOU Write: “Hi Nurse, how do i become your patient? I took a cardio gram of my heart, and an additional wave called, “I Like You” wave was visible. Doctor decided to listen in to my heart beats, and all the Doc could hear was: “I Like Her, Re-ally Like Her.” The Doc wrote down his diagnosis, and it reads: Deeply likes a pediatrician nurse, and so he wrote me a prescription that reads: RX: Pediatrician Love. Sig: 1 PO BID for life and happiness with a pediatrician nurse.
HER: “Wow. How do I resist the temptation to write you back…?”

YOU: “If you were to resist the temptation to write back the doctor says, this would have happened to my heart. Disruption of Pediatrician Love gradient like potassium gradient across the cell membrane would have resulted in excess thinking about pediatrician love causing the, “I Like You” wave to disappear and lengthen, resulting in a first degree love attack on my heart. Just as excess potassium causes the P wave to disappears, resulting in a first degree heart attack. By the way, thanks for keeping me updated on your status. It shows how you value time and presence. It also go to show what a good communicator you are. My wish for you today is this: For her to enjoy every single second at work when she thinks of me. As my goal would be to bring you happiness, love and peace as your friend first, relationship soon and your husband for life later. I admire your simplicity and that’s another reason I can’t resist you.”


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