Writing to Touch Heart

Seeing someone you really, really like? Go with simple words. When it comes to love stick with simple words. When it comes to touching deep to the heart, stick with simple words. The simpler your words the powerful. When you meet someone online, say, a nurse for the first time that you are dying for, use words nurse will relate to. Here’s an example to write:
YOU Write: “Hi Nurse, how do i become your patient? I took a cardio gram of my heart, and an additional wave called, “I Like You” wave was visible. Doctor decided to listen in to my heart beats, and all the Doc could hear was: “I Like Her, Re-ally Like Her.” The Doc wrote down his diagnosis, and it reads: Deeply likes a pediatrician nurse, and so he wrote me a prescription that reads: RX: Pediatrician Love. Sig: 1 PO BID for life and happiness with a pediatrician nurse.
HER: “Wow. How do I resist the temptation to write you back…?”

YOU: “If you were to resist the temptation to write back the doctor says, this would have happened to my heart. Disruption of Pediatrician Love gradient like potassium gradient across the cell membrane would have resulted in excess thinking about pediatrician love causing the, “I Like You” wave to disappear and lengthen, resulting in a first degree love attack on my heart. Just as excess potassium causes the P wave to disappears, resulting in a first degree heart attack. By the way, thanks for keeping me updated on your status. It shows how you value time and presence. It also go to show what a good communicator you are. My wish for you today is this: For her to enjoy every single second at work when she thinks of me. As my goal would be to bring you happiness, love and peace as your friend first, relationship soon and your husband for life later. I admire your simplicity and that’s another reason I can’t resist you.”



Welcome! You made it here because you love 2 touch heart with words. I mean you made it to the only blog on the internet that focuses on words you can share with your sweetheart and touch heart.

I am Poet and Author Emmanuel Blimie, and I will help you use words to touch hearts. Words are powerful. Use skillfully, words make a Beauty falls in love with an Ugly. Love can bind Roses and Thorns into one. When used sparingly, words can put love on secure height, and when abused words can make love appear evil.

My made up story about Word and Love goes something like this:

Once, two best friends who became foes. Foe Word, and Foe Luv. They became foes because they were different. They never appreciated each other under the same roof. Neither one knew the importance of the others until after they separated, and went separate ways. Before separating, they agreed in severe anger to tear down the bride that connected their two islands.

Foe Word blamed Foe Luv for the deterioration of their friendship. Foe Word cried,’you left a stain on me.’ Foe Luv blamed Foe Word for manipulating, and putting things in its favor. Foe Luv cried, ‘but you left a wound, and a scare in my heart.’ With that they were severely hurt, and so they parted with the agreement, for good. One day, Foe Word woke up, and started to speak his favorite thing, words. He mentioned how he never meant what he had said to Foe Luv.¬† Foe Luv across on the other side heard Foe Word speaks so fluently. His heart started to melt. Every word Foe Word uttered had an effect on Foe Luv’s heart.

In reply to Foe Word, Foe Luv made kite, and attacked vibrant colors to it. Foe Luv flew the kite into the sky. The kite looked so colorful and pretty. Foe Word started to murmur words from his island that echoed the beauty of Foe Luv’s kite. “I wished we were like those colors, well blended to perfection…”

Years went by, and the two realized how important one were to the other. Foe Word wrote a note: “It pains my heart so, and it pains my heart more, without you here and without me there. O! this distance is longer, the distance we now needlessly share. Hold onto me as I hold onto you. We maybe different and differently we maybe seen. In difference they can tell us apart.” Foe Luv went to fetch water from the running river, and there saw the note afloat at the bank of the river.

Something came upon Foe Luv upon reading the note, and Foe Luv started to sing: “O, if only you could see what these words mean to me, and how deeply in, they’ve touched my inner heart.Connected we were than these thoughts.”

Foe Word, and Foe Luv concurred to work on rebuilding the bridge that they both had destroyed in anger.”Destroying this bridge was not as hard then it is rebuilding” said Foe Word. “Well, when all is said, and done I will live passionately with you Word although differently, we shall be.”
Foe Word replied, “we can live together…” “…yes, we can live in mutual respect although different” replied Luv.

Now that you have gone into my creatively made up story, I look forward to giving you a taste of words with love that touch heart.¬†Look out for my books: What’s In Me Comes Alive! and Ideal Recipe for Striking It Rich.”